Thursday, August 14, 2008

North Air Temple

Avatar Season 1, episode 17.  The Northern Air Temple on the cusp of a mountain.  The script called this setting "The Air Above", so we went with a super wideshot overlooking the panorama.  I colored it for my portfolio this year.  If you look closely, you can read the note that says "windmills" on the side pointing to a helix....It looks cute (if you can call my handwriting cute).

Teeeechnically, I toned it first, then colorised it & added textures & painted highlights. I wouldnt start a painting like that from scratch, but I had little time....This is in the back of some of my presentation cards :) the other half have the mountain view of the castle from the first posting in this blog.


Becca said...

ELSA,ELSA,ELSA! These BG's are CRAZY!!!! My hats off to you! Pick one fav one and I'll put it on cake!

roja said...


soy Selene, de Monterrey. Está increíble tu trabajo

Recién abrió a carrera de animación en la universidad donde trabajo, espero que podamos hacer algo juntas :)

Elsa Garagarza said...

Ya te ví !! Padrísimo que hay animación en Monterrey! Felicidades por el programa. Cuando vaya, nos juntamos.

Jorge B. said...

I googled you, sis. Check your e-mail

Aaron said...

How wonderful, I'm looking through your blog on my phone, but looking at this picture in my art book. Glad I found you.