Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drawing Workshop-Poison Ivy

Drawing Workshop this Thursday at the Drawing Club.  Theme was Poison Ivy.  5 to 20 minute poses.  Posted from quick poses to longer poses, in that order....last pose really needed a background to be explained, specially from the angle I was sitting.  Glad it was a longer pose.  I was tempted to continue the bottom two drawings at home, but then I remembered that is the best way to ruin nice workshop drawings sometimes  :)  So I just added a quick dark contour on the figures and left 'em alone.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

drawing workshop-martial arts themed

Drawing Workshop from january 22 '09 at The Drawing Club.  Michael Wood modeled as "the Kung Fu Master", a lot of fun to draw...I kept drawing his boots when I should have made up the ninja socks in the drawings below.  5 to 15 minute poses, posted in that order.  Just when the hand is nice and warmed up...the workshop's over!!!   
Oh yeah, and this was a drawing workshop, not a martial arts class.   Don't comment on the kung fu 'cuz I don't practice martial arts or follow m.a. forums.   Thaaank youuuu !  Love ,  Elsa

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anime News Network interview

Anime News Network interviewed me last week and I shared my experiences in art, illustration and animation with Evan Miller, who expressed my thoughts much better than I could ever have  :) Thanks, Evan, for an amazing article.  I am usually super shy when talking about myself in venues like these, which dramatically decreases coolness, hehe. But none of that here.  

And being an anime website, I decided to draw a pinup in homage of the first graphic novel I got my hands on back in Monterrey way back when: Yukito Kishiro's  cyberpunk story "Battle Angel Alita". This was definitely a big influence in my drawing for years, and it still is.  I also collected "Aqua Knight" which I found dear because of the Spanish names included.  And of course for the great art and the water themes.  I should do a pinup of Ruliya too, with the Orcas.

This drawing was sketched in blue col-erase, but then I "inked" it digitally in the cintiq....I think Im falling in love with it....specially the History button.....It was supposed to be a black & white illustration, like from the graphic novel, but I ended slapping quick colors on it... and I'm glad I did.

Avatar Comic in Nick Magazine

Hey, check out the latest issue of Nickelodeon Comics Club, a special comics edition of Nick Magazine.  It has a 4 page Avatar comic called "Don't Blow It" that I had the opportunity to illustrate.  A hilarious short story written by Alison Wilgus that was a pleasure to draw, and was beautifully colored by Wes Dzioba.  Here is a teaser published on the nick magazine live journal page.

And keep posted because there are more stories to come...for more teasers of upcoming installments check the link above, and go to "more preview art".

And, again, thanks for the magazines Dave!!!