Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anime News Network interview

Anime News Network interviewed me last week and I shared my experiences in art, illustration and animation with Evan Miller, who expressed my thoughts much better than I could ever have  :) Thanks, Evan, for an amazing article.  I am usually super shy when talking about myself in venues like these, which dramatically decreases coolness, hehe. But none of that here.  

And being an anime website, I decided to draw a pinup in homage of the first graphic novel I got my hands on back in Monterrey way back when: Yukito Kishiro's  cyberpunk story "Battle Angel Alita". This was definitely a big influence in my drawing for years, and it still is.  I also collected "Aqua Knight" which I found dear because of the Spanish names included.  And of course for the great art and the water themes.  I should do a pinup of Ruliya too, with the Orcas.

This drawing was sketched in blue col-erase, but then I "inked" it digitally in the cintiq....I think Im falling in love with it....specially the History button.....It was supposed to be a black & white illustration, like from the graphic novel, but I ended slapping quick colors on it... and I'm glad I did.

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