Thursday, August 14, 2008

Avatar Season 3 - Beach Episode

Season 3 Episode 5....the beach episode. Based on thai architecture. The funny story here is that before this episode started I was in Mike & Bryan's office on my weekly design meeting with Bryan going over designs for an episode. Mike was out of the office but his laptop was on his desk. It was turned off but the screen was up, and from my point of view I could see a very thin layer of dust because the light hit it at an angle (the kind of dust you never see from a straight on angle). The thing is that the keyboard had made impressions on the dust that created "window patterns" in my appreciation. So I sketched that and saved it for later... Couple of episodes later, the Beach appears...and with that and a little bit of thai flavor & Bryan's volcanic mountain reference from iceland, these were the results. The house outline & the row of windows on the first drawing were drawn from what I thought I saw on the keyboard.

So the main house for Lo & Li (Azula's advisors) ended up being super tiny and these exterior sketches became the standard residences in firenation beachtown (as you can see in the episode). But the interior concepts you see here were in real scale to the house. Idea was that it was tiny & overdecorated with all kinds of trinkets and patterns.

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